Louis R has been a man of creative exploration and discovery since the beginning.  Whether it was seeking innovation in fashion while he studied Design in college or making food for potlucks with friends.  His interest in food stems from his Italian family’s quintessential dishes that always called him home and brought him back to days of feasts and celebrations.  To this day he stands by his Mom as the Best home cook and baker he admires.

After many years of working in the service industry, his interest in cooking was piqued and honed by the high quality ingredients and dishes that he saw being made in the kitchen.  He started to explore in his own kitchen with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients and applied the techniques he learned from trained chefs in both savory and pastry.  After a major life shift in deciding to be sober, he began taking his hobby much more seriously and appreciating the hard work and cathartic process it offered in a healing way.  There were many mishaps along the way as a novice baker, but after perfecting a simple biscotti recipe, he realized what a passion he has baking.  He began exploring recipes and tweaking them to include his favorite ingredients and making his treats healthier, using less sugar and fat.  Once his hard work was approved by his Italian church ladies, he knew he was ready to challenge himself further with more complicated recipes.  Louis has made a name for himself throughout Philadelphia riding his bike around town delivering his latest pastry delight to friends and colleagues.