I love olive oil anything especially when it’s used in cake! 

The key to using olive oil when baking is Good Quality Oil. Never extra virgin and not the oil you use for everyday cooking.  You want floral and grassy hints.I promise its worth it .I have used all kinds and learned that everyday olive oil makes the cake very greasy and overpowered by oil.

I have made olive oil cakes with many different spices and citrus. I couldn’t wait to use one of my new favorites Cardamom.

I have a few different olive oil cake recipes. All are different and have a different texture and flavor. This one fell into my lap when I was searching for another recipe altogether. Of course I switched a few things to make it my own . The original is  from City Spoonful by Rachel Harkman.

Check it out. In their version they do not use cornmeal or lemon juice. Harkman also uses a glaze and candied citrus slices. As you know I like simple and more savory then sweet. http://www.reciperachel.com

Sugar and eggs, dry ingredients separated. 

Cardamom. Store bought ground cardamom is expensive and loses its aroma if not used n a certain amount of time.  I used the whole pods. Place a handful into a hot pan for 30 second-one minute, moving around. This opens the aroma. Place into mortar and crush. On your workspace separate and discard the pods . The cardamom seeds get put into your spice/coffee grinder, pulse and unleash the floral scent.


4 eggs room temperature 

1 cup all natural granulated 

3/4 cup Olive oil ( non extra virgin)

3/4 cup all purpuse flour

1/4 cup cormeal

1/2 teaspoon baking powder 

1/4 salt 

Lemon zest and juice from half

Ground cardamom start with 1/2 teaspoon if new to the spice


Preheat oven 350

Grease a 9 ” cake pan 

Pour lemon juice into olive oil. Set aside.  Combine Flour, baking powder, salt, cardamom, lemon zest. Whisk, Set aside.

In a mixing bowl add eggs and sugar. Beat together unitl pale in color and fluffy.( if it seems thick don’t panic). Slowly pour olive oil/lemon juice into egg- sugar mixture, then beat together gently.( on lowest mixer speed).

Gently fold dry ingridents into the wet, mixing completely. Pour into pan. Bake for 30mins. Test with a toothpick, clean pick, good, batter on pick leave in longer. Let the cake cool in pan before removing.

ENJOY with fruit, whipped cream, yogurt or like me with a Good Cup of Coffee.