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January 2017

Lemon Meringue Pie 

So If you Ask or hint out that you love a certain dessert or pastry, there is a 100% chance I will make it for you. I love when people ask for one of my specialies ,but really really love... Continue Reading →


Yes! Another Pear recipe .I was fortunate enough to recieve delicious  pears from two local sources in Philadelphia , Chef George from Aldine and Mr. Wenk from 3 Springs Farm. If you live in Phildelphia, I know 3 springs has... Continue Reading →

Roasted Pear-Raisin scones 

These  scones are amazingly tender.  I love the big chunks of delicious pears and plump raisins. I had some beautiful Pears from 3 springs farms, hence the pear and almond tart  on the blog earlier this week. Give yourself some... Continue Reading →

Cranberry-Orange- Scones

When I first started my baking adventure,one of the first recipes was scones. I thought these seem easy enough and would be perfect for my dear friend Dorothy Tomassini. Well I wasn't really expecting the dough to be so wet... Continue Reading →


So I love this recipe. Super Quick and Easy. EVEN BETTER. Inspired from the amazing food stylist and cookbook author Donna Hay. I added my twist on it, instead of using ordinary lemon,  I chose to use Meyer lemon.  I... Continue Reading →

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