Louis Remolde: The Single Baker


December 2016

Palmiers-Elephant Ear- Cookies

Easy Breezy. These cookies are so easy and delicious.  They look like they would be hard to make . We hear the word Puff Pastry or French Pastry and think " Oh God No Its Gonna Take Hours". But one... Continue Reading →

Salt-and-Pepper-Cookies mo

Christina Tosi is one of my favorite baker/pastry chefs. She is the Head Chef at Momofuku Milk Bar bakery. Christina is not afraid of mixing things up in the kitchen and adding whatever she wants. Thats why I love her... Continue Reading →


  American Classics . This was the Winner of the first round in Episode 4 "Say Cheese" on Food Networks Hit show Bakers Vs Fakers.  There are many things that make the list of American classics. Cobbler being very high... Continue Reading →

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