Louis Remolde: The Single Baker


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Louis Remolde: The Single Baker

Christina Tosi is one of my favorite baker/pastry chefs. She is the Head Chef at Momofuku Milk Bar bakery. Christina is not afraid of mixing things up in the kitchen and adding whatever she wants. Thats why I love her style.

Below is her Famous Salt and Pepper Cookies.

These cookies are a Mix of a Sugar and Butter cookies.  With hints of pepper and salt . Another great thing about these cookies are that the dough freezes well . I usually make a large batch and wrap half and freeze for whenever days. For best results place batter on parchment paper roll into a log . Wrap and rewrap with plastic wrap. Freeze!

I also found it easier that after the batter is mixed to place the mixing bowl in the refidgertor for about 7mins or so. Then scoop them on to a baking sheet.

Makes about 3dozen


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